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Traction Motor Remanufacturing

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The main products: traction motor maintenance remanufacturing

The predecessor of Zhongtong Electric is Xiangtan Railway Tractor Motor Co.,Ltd, which is approved by Ministry of Railways. It is authorized to build as well as repair tractor motor used for all kinds of locomotives and trains. It repaired 10,000 pcs/sets traction motor with more than 20years experience in intermediate repair and overhaul of National Railways engineering locomotives traction motor and intermediate repair, overhaul fault and correcting repair of urban mass transit train traction motor. The users cover Guangzhou railway group, Wuhan railway bureau , Nanning railway bureau, Chengdu railway bureau, Beijing railway bureau, Guangzhou Subway, Beijing Subway, Shanghai Subway, Nanjing Subway, Wuhan Subway, Tianjin Subway,Shenzhen Subway, and Malaysia rail transit company etc. Remanufacturing products related to the traction motor and auxiliary equipment used for national railway diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, Harmony high-power locomotive; Bombardier, Siemens, Hitachi, Toyo, Alstom, Mitsubishi Linear motors, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, frequency AC asynchronous traction motor used for urban rail transit subway train electronic power supply. We also overhaul the complete sets brake resistance device and other electrical products of all kinds of locomotives for Nanning Railway Bureau, Wuhan Railway Bureau, Chengdu Railway Bureau.


Technical Characteristics of Remanufacturing of Traction Motor

1.Complex operating conditions, frequent starting and braking, high impulse current, high temperature rise, higher requirement to the increase of insulation temperature grade; complex fault type, difficult to repair;
2.when the power was supplied by frequency converter , the harmonic components and eddy current loss is high, and when running, the temperature rise of iron core is higher than winding, and the requirement of shaft current protection is higher;
3.when the power was supplied by frequency converter , the peak value of current will be high, higher requirement to the dielectric, and higher requirement to the corona- resistant of insulation structure
4.The manufacturer of traction motor used for subway train are various and most of them are imported from other countries. The technical documents are lack.
5.The running condition of locomotives and train are poor, and the locomotives and trains always overload operating, the requirement to the safe, stable and reliable is higher.


We are experienced in remanufacturing, and implement the produce and specified acceptance check strictly in accordance with the requirement of TB, GB, IEC etc. We use new materials, technology and technique to ensure the quality and performance of remanufactured and manufactured traction motor, thus to ensure the safe, stable and reliable of the train.

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