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Third-rail current collector

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Operating principle, design of third-rail current collector

The current collector is contact with the supply rail(third rail) by collector slider, and the collector slider and third rail was coupled to transmit the power to the swing arm, then transmit the power in the cable to the electric equipment through the fuse box; the current collecting mode including top running, bottom running, side running etc.

According to the main insulation type, the current collector can be divided as rear panel insulation and arm insulation; according to the method of collector shoe away the third rail, the current collector including By the way of the main insulation can be divided into the main insulation can be divided into the backplane insulation, swing rod insulation of the two; by way of boots can be divided into: no shoes off operation, manual shoes, electric boots, pneumatic off the boots, Five kinds; At the same time, the boots can be divided into position detection and no position detection; position according to the fuse box can be divided into the overall position of the flow receiver and split type receiver.



Technical standards and lead position in the industry

1.Integration of technical resources at home and abroad. Zhongtong Electric R&D with the experts in vehicle engineering, railway engineering, dynamics, machinery, electricity, computer science and technology, polymer composites from National Defense Science and Technology University, Central South University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Southwest Jiaotong University;
2, Zhongtong Electric is the first draft company for the GB/T 32589-2016 Railway application-Third-rail current collector national standard. The standard filling in the blank of current collector national standard.
3. Zhongtong Electric has complete intellectual property rights in the principle, mechanism, test method, components and technology of rail transit collector equipment with more than 10 core technologies and national patent.


Reliability, availability, maintainability

The current collector and traction motor remanufacturing of Zhongtong Electric approved the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certificate. The design and process of the products are compliance to requirements of IRIS, and the reliability, usability and maintainability of the products are guaranteed.

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